Saturday, July 16, 2011

Speaking of Beautiful Things...

... I wanted to share some of the beautiful things in my life this week (with exception of the babies at work... they are usually the MOST beautiful thing in any given week, but I can't very well post pictures of all of them on the world-wide web).

My garden is beautiful. It's small but lovely and the morning sun exposure has made a huge difference from last summer.

Serrano peppers
Roses are beautiful. Obviously, flowers make the apartment look and smell good. And the fact that my husband gave them to me makes them even prettier!

Hair feathers (not to be mistaken for "tail feather" as in, "shake ya"). I got a desperately needed haircut and while I was there I went out on a limb and got feathers clipped in! Maybe for once I'm on the upswing of a trend instead of late to the party? Either way, I love them. I've never gotten a tattoo, weird piercing, or crazy hair color. I figure feathers are a fun, transient trend and I'm still young enough to jump on-board!

Friends. I've been able to catch up with several friends via phone in the past week. (Sorry I'm so bad at keeping in touch! You all know who you are.) I'm also making friends in Kansas City! On Tuesday I went to happy hour with my women's small group and had a blast. On Friday I got to go to an impromptu, free concert with my friend Rachel on Friday night. Looking forward to going to Trader Joe's with some more new friends this week...

Ignore the shiny foreheads- we're outdoors in the Midwest summer, y'all!
Farmer's Market goodies. You know I'm obsessed with fresh, local produce. Friday's haul was apparently brought to you by the colors purple and green.

Sweet corn, onion, purple bell pepper, and heirloom eggplants.
Am I the only one who thinks heirloom eggplants are beautiful?
Yum Tum local rhubarb strawberry jam for my morning oatmeal!
What was the most beautiful part of YOUR week? Looking forward to anything this coming week?


  1. How come your garden is better than mine and you don't even have a yard?? Jealous. Can't wait to go to Trader Joe's. Had fun Friday night!

  2. Best part of my week.... was receiving an email letting me know that many prayers ARE being answered! I love you! I love Ross! I love JESUS! Thanks for sharing beautiful things... I have so many things I could share beyond this, but for now... I will leave it there! HUGS TO YOU BOTH!