Thursday, March 8, 2012

NPO After Midnight

I'm having surgery tomorrow. It's nothing life-threatening. In fact, I feel a little vain even though it's not a cosmetic procedure. But after my sinus headache debacle this fall, my ENT decided that now was a good time for that septoplasty he recommended ages ago. So tomorrow I'm getting my deviated septum straightened out and my turbinates reduced.

I'm kind of terrified. I'm a little scared of the surgery itself, but I'm even more worried that healing will be pretty gruesome and breathing through my nose will be harder than it already is. Currently, I take Sudafed every day and whenever I talk to my mom on the phone, she still asks if I've been crying because I sound so stuffed up. In the long run, this will hopefully help my congestion and the constant post-nasal drip that makes my voice sound like an adolescent boy's.

If you're so inclined, I would appreciate prayers that there are no surgical complications and that recovery is quick. Thanks!

1 comment:

  1. ohhh your going to look pretty. I doubt you have any bruising and after a little soreness and swelling for 24hrs you'll be good as new.

    P.s.- I love your voice.