Friday, September 7, 2012

Re-claiming and Re-focusing

Re-claiming the office

Two years ago, we traded up from our beloved one-bedroom apartment to a one-bedroom + study. Since we're both in grad school, the study has been a godsend. It's sunny, colorful, and a little crowded. But it's our space.

This past spring, I spent one miserable day sobbing on the floor of said study. Then I calmly got up, closed the door, and pretended it didn't exist.

But now, homework beckons. When I shut myself in the office with my school work, I'm somewhat free from other distractions in the apartment. It's time to re-claim this as a happy space and not a painful one.

Re-focusing on school

My mind wants to be elsewhere, but pretending that my homework doesn't exist is a terrible way to live. The weight of procrastination is miserable and completely self-inflicted. Today is my ONE DAY OFF this week. Do I have to spend it writing a paper? Why yes, yes I do. But this paper is a tiny one, really only requiring several hours of dedicated work. It would be better to get it done and then ENJOY the last few hours of my Friday before working all weekend, no?

Here we go!

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