Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sweet Tooth Dreams

I've bookmarked so many tasty-looking recipes lately. Please, someone invite me to a party so I have a good reason to make some sweets!

...I actually did make this 2-ingredient chocolate frosting and it was dangerously good. I used it as a ganache while it was still warm, and it was gooey and amazing.

...These blueberry coconut pecan breakfast cookies look outstanding. We bought some pecans on sale at Whole Foods a few weeks ago, but they were too good a la carte to justify using a ton in a recipe. I may have to change my mind and go buy some more, though.

...My mom found this buckwheat pancake recipe on the back of her bag of buckwheat flour recently, and she's made them multiple times. I finally made a batch at home and they're great. Simple and hearty, and great with real maple syrup on top!

...Speaking of buckwheat, I'm going to scrounge up the ingredients for these muffins soon, on one of those nights when I just want a little something sweet-ish after dinner. (Who am I kidding? That's every night!)

...I'm going to need to find some sort of social occasion to make these brownies. Because I know if I just make them for the two of us, they'll be gone in 24 hours!

...These cookies are pretty similar to a recipe I've posted previously, but the peanut butter and chocolate combo never gets old!

...On the other end of the spectrum, these healthy almond power cookies look pretty good too.

...As do these chocolate buckwheat cookies. (This link is also full of gluten-free baking tips!)

...Finally, the best for last: homemade coconut milk ice cream. I know. I don't even recognize myself right now! Ice cream is the one dessert I can usually take or leave, but now that I've tried coconut milk ice cream, I can't get enough!

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