Sunday, March 16, 2014

Links I'm Loving

You know when you have so many browser windows open that you can't shut your computer down at night because you want to "save" or "re-read" or "make" whatever's pulled up in one of a dozen tabs? No? Just me?

Well, I've accumulated quite a list of noteworthy reads lately so I thought I'd share. Some relate to parenting, some relate to life, and some are just funny. Here's what I've been reading online lately:

Why Stretch Marks Aren't as Bad as You Think {Lindsay's List}
A welcome reminder that yeah, my body isn't going to be the same after these 40 weeks. But that's a good thing!

It Won't Be Long Now {Raechel Myers}
On losing babies and remembering that God's idea of time is so very different from ours.

Who is Coming Behind You {Naptime Diaries}
I LOVED this post. I'm struggling with feeling compelled to encourage newlyweds to have a realistic view of 'happily ever after' while simultaneously being excited/terrified of becoming a mom and finding that only the positive comments are helpful right now. Jessi hit the nail on the head with this one.

It Doesn't Have to Have a Point {Naptime Diaries}
I'm still struggling to learn what real rest looks like. This post gives me a glimpse of it: "There doesn't have to be a point, but there can be a purpose."

Kid President's Letter to a Person on their First Day Here {You Tube}
Seriously, if you don't visit any of these other links, visit this one. It'll brighten your day!

Life Lately {Yes I Want Cake}
Posts like this make me so excited to be a mom.

But Why Does She Get Babies? {Natasha Metzler}
Because when you work with all women, many of them will be struggling to get pregnant. And when you all take care of sick babies, some of whom are born unplanned, unwanted, and uncared for, someone is bound to ask this question. Also a good reminder of what all of us are called to do, babies or not.

The Problem With "Just Adopt" {Lauren Casper}
Because adoption and infertility are sometimes mutually exclusive. The end is the same (you have a kid!) but sometimes the calling behind them is quite different. Something to think about next time you're talking to a friend who can't get pregnant and desperately wants to be a mom.

Let Them Come Home {John and Abraham Piper}
A wonderful "prodigal son" story reminding me that how you raise someone isn't always the way in which they go. Love them anyway.

The New Church Lady {Pearls and Grace}
Are you as a Christian more known for what you stand for, or what you stand against?

The One Thing Christians Should Stop Saying {The Accidental Missionary}
I've mentioned before that the word "blessing" doesn't always sit quite right with me. This is a good little post discussing it a bit more in depth.

Turn it Around {The Fitnessista}
This post actually discusses post-partum wellness in light of the "What's Your Excuse?" guilt trip that's been going around the internet. Pregnancy has been a bit of an equalizer for me, and quite a lesson in humility. I've never been so out of control of my body-- but that's a good thing! I certainly don't know the millions of details that go into growing a baby! I'm very thankful my body seems to be doing that on its own without my conscious help. Anyway, it's also made me realize that all of those "I won't be like that" ideals I had about pregnancy and parenthood (and who knows what else) aren't always in your power to control, and it's really not fair to judge someone unless you're willing to walk in their shoes.


  1. Honored to be on this list, and looking forward to reading some of these other posts! Thank you!

    1. Thanks for reading, Natasha. And I love your Godly insights!