Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December Goal

My November goal was to just get on the computer once a day for mindless Facebook and Google Reader entertainment. It wasn't perfect, but I do feel like I've cut back and it's more of a habit than an addiction. They best days are when we're out and about and I'm fully busy and entertained by something other than my computer.

I'm excited for my December goal! I wanted to give it a week and see how it was going, and I think it's going to be pretty realistic. I got totally knocked out by this head cold/sinus infection/viral irritation. Not sure what it is, but it's only marginally better after 3 weeks of antibiotics. All I know is that my head hurts and breathing is hard. Add to that the fact that I barely worked out in November and I'm in a sad state compared to September.

I want to get back into exercise, but the headache/breathing difficulty keeps me from doing anything too intense. My goal is to just do some form or exercise 6 days a week to get into the habit of making it a priority again.

Don't think I'm trying to overcompensate or make an unrealistic plan. By 'exercise,' I mean at least 5 minutes of any activity that makes me think, "hey, this is hard. The easier thing would be not to do it." Actually working up a sweat and maintaining an elevated heartrate is most ideal, but not necessary (especially on days I work). It's December 6 and I'm 5 for 6 so far :o)

Who wants to join me?

And how do I get rid of this headache?!

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  1. I'm so impressed that you were successful with November. That is no easy addiction to beat. I remember when I quit playing WoW - I was just lost, what in the world did I do before I had the game?
    It's been a couple years now, and of course I found a really good distraction in a new baby haha.
    I think your December goal is really really good. And I have no doubt you'll do it! Looking forward to your post about it next month! :D