Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just Like That

...and just like that my last Saturday of freedom ended (I stayed up 'til after midnight enjoying it though). I am now on weekend premium for the next 6 months. SO excited about the paycheck and the more predictable schedule. (I've been working every other day since Thanksgiving and it's driving me crazy). I'm less excited about having to say no to things like friends' baby showers and birthday parties. But we're praying that we use the extra money responsibly and we no longer need it in 6 months.

At least my Saturday went out with a bang! One of the couples in our small group had an Ugly Christmas Sweater party and Ross and I were happy to celebrate the season with friends! We went to Salvation Army a few weeks ago and got some ugly sweaters... but they're not very Christmas-y.

At least we gave one of the most desirable (most-stolen) white elephant gifts! I seriously contemplated stealing it for myself when we got the chance, but I didn't. I know the final recipients will enjoy the hand-made caramels thoroughly.


  1. Good luck with your new schedule!! I've been meaning to ask if you'll be working December 21st? We're heading to the NICU to see Carrie, so it would be awesome if you were there too!

  2. I thought I worked the 21st but apparently I got moved to the 22nd instead :o( But I love seeing the picture updates to get my fix between visits!

  3. Aww okay. Should it be safe to leave a little something for you in the NICU? Or would it be better to wait, or mail? I'm sorry we won't be seeing you!

  4. You can definitely leave something there because I will be at work bright and early on the 22nd. Sorry I'm going miss your visit!