Saturday, February 1, 2014

Currently: February

Watching: Ross and I are loving Downton Abbey. We're like 2 years late to the party, but we watched the first two seasons over the summer and we were quite excited for Season 3 to start this winter!

Eating: Frequently. Like every 1-2 hours. Not terribly picky about what I eat, although savory food still sounds better. (I won't say no to a cookie, but the thought of my favorite Thai dish from Lulu's makes my stomach growl!)

Drinking: Gobs of water. Still craving a glass of red wine. Must find a supportive friend who will buy a glass and let me have a sip ;-)

Wanting: My old NICU day shift job back! If they would just post a job opening...

Needing: Need is such a strong word. Thankful to have a toasty apartment this frigid winter!

Loving: Our ultrasound pictures from two weeks ago, and the increasingly strong kicks I'm starting to feel.

Feeling: So. many. feelings. Thankfully the hormones seemed to have leveled out for the time being, but my thoughts are still racing a lot... especially when I wake up at 4am.

Wondering: What I used to think about in my spare time, prior to getting pregnant? Probably myself and my momentary concerns, which isn't the worst rut to be breaking out of! Also wondering how a baby will affect our marriage. It's been just us for 5+ years. No more making quick decisions or going to dinner at the drop of a hat!

Looking forward to: VACATION. For the last two years, Ross and I have been saying we needed to get out of town in February or March. This year, we're actually doing it. I've been working so many nights and weekends that a long weekend off with Ross sounds awesome in and of itself, but that fact that it's going to be in sunny San Diego is even better!

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