Monday, March 30, 2015

A Day in the Life of a 9 Month Old

I picked another low-key day to record, because time is simply flying by and I want to remember these days.

0200: Noah wakes up, but Ross rocks him back to sleep.

0500: Noah wakes up and I nurse him, praying all the while that he will fall back asleep because we are all so tired of the early wakeups!

0530: Ross tries to put Noah back in his crib, and he fusses, so Ross rocks him to sleep and continues to hold him until he wakes up again.

0645: Noah is up for the day and crawling around, making sure all the rooms look the way he left them! (We turned the house upside down this weekend for some projects, and Noah is very excited that things seem to be back where they belong.)

0700: Breakfast! Noah eats a peanut butter banana muffin and half of a banana.

0730: Noah plays in the living room while I drink my coffee. Necessary.

0810: Noah is getting clumsy and whiny and keeps asking for milk, so we start his nap routine a little early: nurse, book, song...

0840: I lay Noah down in his crib and tell him I love him and I will see him when he wakes up. He proceeds to stand up in his crib and fuss. Wild man.

0910: Noah is asleep! I catch up on some emails and do some Bible study and journaling. It's been way too long.

1020: He's up. Blah. What happened to the 1.5 hour naps he was taking a month ago? I shouldn't complain, though. For the past month, he has avoided one or both naps more days than not, so any morning nap is a win. I nurse him briefly and then we play.

1100: We go on a walk with our neighbor and her two little ones.

1200: Back home! We both eat lunch. Noah has some of a sweet potato chickpea veggie burger, and some pureed veggies.

1215: Play! Noah is getting really good at moving seamlessly from crawling to sitting to standing, and everything in between. It's crazy.

1300: Nap routine. Nurse, story, song.

1320: He's in his crib wiggling.

1350: Finally asleep. Two naps in one day! A rare sighting.

1500: He's up! Hi buddy :-) He promptly falls over in his crib and bumps his head, starts crying, and signs for milk. Of course he gets some.

1530: Dinner: ground beef and green beans, followed by some puffs and half a banana. Hungry monkey!

1600: Play outside in the gorgeous sunlight.

1700: Play indoors.

1730: Bath time!

1800: Nurse. When he's done he rolls to his stomach, pushes up with his hands, and stares at the door, waiting for Ross to come get him. The last few days, we've been practicing saying "Dada" at that time, and Noah totally imitates me. It's pretty cute!

1830: Ross reads a book to Noah and then rocks him before putting him in his crib. Going to bed a little earlier tonight, because in the past that has actually helped with the early morning wakeups.

2030: I pump and get ready to go to bed. But then...

2100: Noah is crying. Thankfully, this time when I pick him up and snuggle, he burps and falls back asleep. He has usually been getting up around 1-2am, and then again around 4-5am (usually up for the day at that time). But tonight, he was up at 9pm, 10pm, and then flat out awake from 12:30am-2am. Baby sleep is an enigma to me!

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