Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Which Camp are You In?

There has been a lot written on Mommy Wars. I haven't spent a lot of time or energy delving into the subject because honestly, being a mom has flat-out humbled me. I was a really good mom before I became a mom, right?

My doula was on the local NPR station recently discussing vaccines. (A doula who is PRO-vaccine? Right up my alley!) She has a background in microbiology but her current career is spent helping women navigate a healthy pregnancy and delivery, often in the most low-intervention way possible.

When discussing vaccines, she mentioned in passing that some "anti-vaxxers" haven't actually investigated the subject, but feel pressure (internally or externally) to conform to a mode of parenting, and declining vaccination is a way to fit into the "natural childbirth/attachment parenting" camp.

And then I realized why I struggle to discuss parenting choices with people. They always seem to say something that doesn't sit right with me (and vice versa, I'm sure). Note: these things are not usually something I passionately disagree with, but something that I know in my gut isn't a good choice for my family.

Yes to natural childbirth, and yes to childhood vaccinations.

Yes to the chiropractor, and yes to Prilosec for baby's reflux.

No to bed-sharing, and no to cry-it-out methods.

Yes to breastfeeding, and yes to introducing solids at 6 months.

Yes to cloth diapers, and yes to disposable wipes.

Yes I work 12+ hours a week, and yes I stay home with my baby Monday through Friday.

I'm absolutely not having a pity party. I know there are other moms like me out there. If anything, having a foot in both "worlds" helps me empathize with both sides. But it also confuses me. So much information. So many opinions. So much more to motherhood than I thought.

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