Sunday, December 13, 2009


I was reading an article on memory in Real Simple magazine and I came upon this excerpt: Contemporary existence demands so much splitting of attention―between phone calls, e-mails, text messages, [Facebook], and the constant allure of online shopping, not to mention TV and DVDs―that only the most strong-willed go through life in an undistracted fashion. The problem in turn with being so distracted is that we inhabit daily experience in an absentminded mode and, as a result, have more difficulty forming strong memories, as though the passing moment didn’t leave enough of a trace.

Anyone else feel like this is talking about them?! I am SO absentminded, and I'm always anxious when something good happens because I'm trying to plant it in my memory before it leaves and my mundane day-to-day life returns. I can't blame my scatterbriain, anxiety, and poor memory all on night shift, although it does exacerbate things. I find myself making lists and notes on scraps of paper at work and then I bring them home and they disappear. Partly due to me forgetting where I put things, but also thanks to Ross' compulsion to put things in neat piles where I never find them again. (Or even worse, the trash can).

We're headed to Amarillo this morning (Monday) when I get off work. I get out of the NICU at 7:30am but then I have to go to the super fun (NOT) annual Competency Fair and who knows how long that will take! I may be grumpy, hungry, and tired when I get home and I am going to try to sleep in the car instead of my comfy bed. Ross will have to drive 9 hours with a grumpy wife. Pray for both of us and our sanity!

The good news is, we get to celebrate Christmas in Texas for 5 days. Hopefully that gets us out of the funk we're in! (Ross keeps insisting he's not mad at me, but I know better. I don't do the dishes when I'm working more than one night shift in a row.)

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  1. Therese- you are so cute! Hope you enjoy your break in Texas. I think you get a "pass" on the dishes every once in awhile- especially with night shifts. You'll find a good routine eventually. Have a very Merry Christmas!!