Tuesday, December 1, 2009

We are pleased to inform you...

Ross finally heard back from the University of Kansas and he's in! He will officially start the MA in Design Management/Interaction Design program this January. He called the admissions office Monday morning (as usual) and the guy in charge said the design department was having their meeting at noon and Ross should hear by 1:30. Of course, he had no e-mails at 1:30 and he sat anxiously in front of his computer all day refreshing his e-mail.

At 5pm he had something in his inbox from Admissions and we opened it together. As soon as he read, "we are pleased to inform you," he slumped over and breathed a huge sigh of relief! It's been a long wait considering we were supposed to find out by the end of October. I can't imagine the stress he's been under and the mind games he's been playing with himself. As for me, I had given up on the department altogether and resigned myself to the belief that they weren't going to meet in time and NO ONE would be starting the program this spring. I'm so glad I was wrong!

In other news, we just got back from a long, relaxing Thanksgiving vacation in Omaha. It was so great to see my family. I hadn't seen a lot of them in over a year!


  1. Praise the Lord! Congrats to you and Ross. Glad it all worked out! They sure do know what waiting to the last minute is like huh?! That would've driven me crazy too. Congrats nontheless! :)

  2. Thanks! We're definintely happy that he got in. We were starting to wonder WHY we moved and whether or not the signs God was giving us were clear that we should move after all. Turns out they were. He just wanted us to trust Him more, I guess :o)