Monday, January 18, 2010


My dad is an ER doctor. The best in Omaha, in my opinion. He's in charge of the Emergency Department at Nebraska Medical Center (the merger of UNMC and Clarkson hospitals). Growing up, he never freaked out about sore throats, bruises, stomach aches, runny noses, etc. Advil, ice, heat, or lots of water and the occasional Triaminic were applied as needed to most physical woes.

Last night, my mom had a sudden onset of extreme abdominal pain and after an hour or so, my dad took her to the ER. Since this is basically unprecedented in my family, my brothers and I slept fitfully last night and my dad stayed at the hospital until she was through ER testing, admitted as an inpatient, and settled in around 3am.

At this point, it looks like she'll be there tonight as well. She has an NG tube and the IV nausea meds are only helping a little. (I hate the idea of NG tubes. Through your nose and down to your stomach. Ouch!) She's scheduled for more x-rays this afternoon and they still aren't sure exactly what the problem is.

I'm glad I happened to be in town to babysit my cousins! I'm hoping to stay with my mom tonight so my dad can get some rest. Moral of this post: please pray for my mom!

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  1. Goodness- sounds frightening!! Keep us posted. Hope she feels better soon. Glad she has a DR for her husband and RN as a daughter!