Friday, January 8, 2010

On the Bright Side

I didn't feel like I should put this good news into a disappointed entry about India, but there are some exciting things coming up, too:

-Ross starts grad school classes next week! (Weather pending, I guess)

-ROSS GOT A PROMOTION! Back in November, he was hired as a seasonal employee at Old Navy and at his evaluation this week, they offered him not only a non-seasonal job, but a promotion to Assistant to the Logistic Manager! Yes, we realize that this sounds like a Dwight Schrute title that isn't real, but it comes with a raise so we're pretty excited! I'm very proud of Ross. He's a hard worker even when something may not be his favorite thing or his first choice. That's an amount of integrity I know I don't have but he's so great about it!

-We have two social events in the next week :-) It's probably a little risky for two homebodies to get married. Combine this with our opposite schedules and the terrible weather, and we don't get out much. Or at all besides work and errands. However Santina King (now Cessor), one of my friends from 7th grade (YAY), has organized drinks on the Plaza tomorrow night. Fun! And then, our friends Amanda and Chris Schaum from Ft. Worth (double YAY) are coming in town to apartment hunt. Not only are they moving to KC this spring, but we're celebrating Amanda's birthday (on the Plaza again) on Tuesday!

-I've officially been an RN for 2 years this month. Which means a raise for me, too! It's less than a dollar an hour, but I'll take it. This also means I may need to think more seriously about whether or not I want to go to grad school in the next few years. I know I want to get my RNC (the "C" is for a "Certified" Neonatal Critical Care Nurse and involves taking a difficult 3 hour test among other things) in the near future, but beyond that I'm undecided.

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner school? I'd miss the fun parts of bedside nursing with my sweet babies! Nurse Midwifery school? That's what I originally went into nursing school thinking I wanted to do. I'd have to get some Labor and Delivery experience soon. Masters in Nursing Education? I could be a GOOD clinical instructor and teach my students without terrorizing them. Or I could embrace bedside nursing, join different committees at the hospital (once I've been there 6 months), and continue NICU nursing (I'd never completely leave NICU) with a few PRN days in Labor and Delivery every month (again, after I've been at KUMC for 6 months). Lots to think about.

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  1. Good luck with whatever you decide to do! I'm sure you'll do great work in any specialization. :) Congrats to you and Ross on your promotions/raises. Those are ALWAYS an exciting time of year!!! :)