Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy February

Fort Worth spoiled me. I start anticipating spring this month when in reality, it'll probably come to Kansas City in early April. At least the snow is gone for now... and yesterday was sunny even though today isn't!

We've had a busy weekend. On Saturday, Ross went over to my cousins' house to stay with John and Jimmy for a few days while my aunt and uncle went to Arizona. I went to work Saturday night and finally did my first admit in my new unit! Even more exciting, her parents are really nice. I finally feel official! I even went and bought "my" baby some preemie clothes at Wal-Mart, although she won't fit into them for a while.

After getting some sleep on Sunday, I joined the boys at the Dixon's house and we stayed until Tuesday afternoon. Thanks to their cousin Emily (on the other side of their family), I started reading the Twilight books while I was there. She had left the first one at their house during a summer visit and I was desperate for something to read. Then, of course, I had to read the other three. The books are so creepy, I can't put them down until I'm done. I'd have nightmares if I went to sleep without knowing how things end up.

I literally read one Twilight book a day on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I'm so embarrassed! I mean, the story is intriguing but I still think Harry Potter books are infinitely better-written, more symbolic, and more complex (sorry Brittnye). But I can't deny that I want to see how Twilight ends up and, of course, I want to see why everyone's so obsessed with the movies. For those who know (or even care) about Twilight, I do have to say this: how can you fall in love with someone who is stone cold?! I'm always so cold... I'd choose Jacob over Edward any day. I'm also biased because I liked Robert Pattinson so much better as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter than as Edward in Twilight.
Okay. Teen-geek-fest over. I think I need to end this post now before embarrassing myself further. On the bright side, I get to see "my" baby tonight!


  1. That is so cute that you bought "your baby" clothes. Very sweet. I'm sure he/she will be in great care with you. About Twilight- I was ridiculously obsessed to finish the books as well. Read all 4 in less than 2 wks which was a big record for me, but the first movie I thought was horrendously horribly done and so I still haven't seen the 2nd one even though I've been told it's much better and had a different director. One of these days. I haven't read the Harry Potter books, but need to. I've seen all the movies and own most of them too. p.s. it's the coldest winter I think we've had in DFW- no snow currently, but it's def not warming up yet like it does.. (29-45 has been our avg lately)

  2. haha, I love you. I suppose I should read the Harry Potter books since I am a big fan of the movies but have yet to read the books. I just started reading the time travelers wife. Liking it so far.

  3. Emily and Brittnye, if I read Twilight, you can read Harry Potter! It's so different... it won't feel like you're "cheating" on Twilight at all!

    Emily, we're down to the single-digits again here. Hope you're staying warm with your MEN to cuddle with (so glad Ryan finally decided to grace everyone with his presence!)

    Brittnye, let me know if that book is good or if it will just make me cry! I've heard its sad.

  4. it's different then what i am used to but yes, it is sad...almost done with it.