Saturday, February 27, 2010

Seeds of Change

I was saving these pictures for a future post, but I think I'll share a little now. Ever since reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver last summer, I've become really interested in local "slow food" movements and gardening. Slow food is a post in itself, but now is the time to prepare for gardening!
I got a bunch of awesome books for Christmas about container gardening and organic gardening. I'm also a member of Seed Saver's Exchange and I hope to use some of their heirloom seeds in my garden this summer. (Don't worry, I've joined a local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) group in case the garden doesn't work out.) Ross was feeling crafty last week, so he built a container garden on our balcony!

Didn't my husband do an awesome job?! Since it's been sunny the last few days, I have actually started to believe that spring is coming even though it only reaches 40 degrees during the day, which is plenty cold for me! Sunday or Monday, I'm hoping to get the right soil for the containers and start some seedlings indoors. Ross has even offered to build a little incubator for my seedlings. It's nice to have a handyman around!
For now, I'm headed to bed after making a long to-do list for the next few days. My first day off after several consecutive night shifts is always hard. This is what I want to do all day:

When in fact, I try to only sleep from 8:30am until 1 or 2pm (Ross usually has to drag me out of bed at 2 after I've hit the snooze button every 9 minutes for an hour) and then workout and have a normal evening before going to sleep again. We went out for sushi and now I have a full, happy tummy, clean sheets, and no work tonight!

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  1. Spring can't come too soon for us either. We are expecting more snow tonight! I am ordering sunshine though for your trip home in a couple of weeks. Happy growing! and take it easy!