Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

This is exactly the opposite of what my dad did on Father's Day! He has been training for a sprint distance triathlon, but due to lightning they turned it into a biathlon at the last minute: run 1.5 miles, bike 14 miles, and run another 1.5 miles.
I wish I could've been there to cheer him on! He's still training for an Olympic distance triathlon on August 1, though, and I plan to be his biggest fan. Well, I already am, but I plan on being there in person to cheer him on.
Happy Father's Day to the best dad a girl could ask for!

I'm definitely a mash up of my two parents: when I enrolled in college, I couldn't decide between a teaching degree (my mom's background) or a medical-related field (my dad's background). I obviously chose nursing, but I still think teaching could be in my future. I'm so fortunate to have such active, selfless, involved parents!

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