Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Daily Affirmation (after one of those days)

Yesterday was one of those days. I mean, it was Monday after all. Things started off okay despite 5 hours of sleep and a heavy hand on the snooze button. I left for work on time. But when I got to my normal parking lot, it was already full. I realized that *fun parking changes* had begun.

I end up walking into work from my parking lot most days, which takes about 5-7 minutes depending on how awake I am. But NOW. Due to garage construction (which will supposedly someday improve the parking situation), those of us with yellow stickers have been pushed to the limit, quite literally. I now have to park in a gravel lot behind a post office and a fire station.

I'm all for parking far from the door to get a few extra steps in. But this adds an extra mile to my day (from my car to the hospital entrance is 0.51 miles and 85 feet uphill, according to mapmyrun.com). I don't know whether to brag about this or whine about it. Yesterday, I whined.

By the time I found my way to the new lot and parked, I didn't have time to wait for the shuttle. I had to bust my butt uphill in the drizzling rain if I wanted to clock in on time. And the whole time I trudged uphill, the shuttle never did pass me. It took me 10 minutes to walk and I clocked in one minute late.

Since others were in the same position as me, it wasn't a big deal, but it still stressed me out. Then I saw my assignment and knew my day was not going to improve. I had that patient. I do not get along with that patient and I'm pretty sure it's mutual. I swear this baby starts to scream when it hears my voice.

Luckily, my day never did get as bad as it could have. It was just constantly busy and I was on my feet running back and forth between patients more often than not. I also spent my lunch break waiting in line at the pharmacy.

*Since I'm already on a roll, I would like to take this opportunity to ask my doctor friends a question: why do residents not only get to automatically park in the garage (for nurses, it's a 5 year wait list), but they also get a discount in the hospital cafeteria whereas I don't?!*

I digress. I have today off (thankfully) before another 3 shifts in a row, but I'm dragging. I'm playing on the computer in my running clothes, avoiding the inevitable. Then I saw this video and it made me laugh. You have GOT to listen to this. I guarantee this will brighten your day!

I guess it's time to go running. Since my iPod is broken, I will be singing, "I can do anything good, yeah, yeah, yeah, I can do anything good. Better than anyone. Better than anyone" to myself!

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