Sunday, November 14, 2010

Long Overdue

1. I got a long-overdue haircut (no pun intended) on Friday. I last got my hair cut at a cheap salon in May or June and literally came home in tears because I felt like I was donning a shredded, overgrown mullet. I went back and had the girl try to fix it for free, but it didn't really do any good. So I've been trying to grow it out and finally went to a new person at a new salon (loved her) to fix it. She cut about an inch off and when I go back in 6-8 weeks, we can finally even out all the layers left over from my attempt at saving money on a haircut.

2. Winter weather is here- a cold November fog has descended upon Kansas City and it rained most of Friday and Saturday. I knew 70 degrees and sunshine were too good to be true! Then again, it's starting to actually feel like Thanksgiving is approaching now. And *gulp* my half marathon.

3. New shoes! They say running shoes are good for 300-500 miles, and mine only have about 350-400 on them, but I'm having to lace them tighter and tighter, and I was getting weird leg/foot pains that I'd never felt before, so I figured it was time. I'm excited because I actually earned these shoes by running in my old ones!

Our insurance policy allows you to collect "points" for healthy activities, such as attending their annual health screening, getting a physical each year, visiting the dentist, and working out. With these points you can then buy gift cards to a bunch of different vendors. I diligently tracked every workout since January and cashed in on some points early. I bought an Amazon gift card and ordered my shoes online. This sounds risky, but I've been fitted in two different running shoe stores in two different states, and ended up with Adidas Supernovas both times. So I rolled with it and ordered the same shoe in the same size. Hopefully I'll break them in before the race.

4. Church. I don't even want to tell you how bad we've been about going to church since moving. Yes, one of both of us have been working a lot of Sundays, but we finally went this morning and decided to make it a priority. While it's no Christ Chapel (I know, I know, get over it already) I do really like Redeemer Fellowship by my hospital.

5. A real dinner at home. We now have a computer-free dining room table, but have yet to sit down to a real dinner at it. I fixed that tonight. Recipe to come!

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