Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winter Wonderland Wednesday

 It's currently 39 degrees out and there's a possibility of snow tonight. Winter weather has officially come to Kansas City.

Instead of dreading winter, I thought I'd practice embracing it this year. Last year was the worst winter KC has had in a long time. Combine that with the fact that I started night shift when we moved (I never saw the light of day) and the fact that I had grown used to warmer north Texas winters, and it was rough to say the least.

So for this first post, let me just get this out of the way. Here's what I hate about winter:

-Scraping my car off in the pre-dawn cold (I think this will be my least favorite part of day shift).

-The fact that my drive to work is just long enough that my car really only gets warm when I'm pulling into the parking lot at the hospital.

-Darkness. I hate the late sunrise and early sunset.

-Bad driving conditions. I love the freedom of driving, but I hate slush and my little car does too.

-The fact that it lasts way too long. The first snow is exciting. The holidays are happy. But below-freezing temperatures in February and snow in March should not be allowed.

-Cold. It doesn't take much to make me so cold that my nail beds actually turn blue.

-Dry skin. Winter + copious amounts of hand sanitizer and hand washing at work = unhappy skin and nails.

-Wind (and wind chill). Running outdoors is going to be a challenge this winter, but I don't have a gym membership so maybe this'll toughen me up (ha)!

I worked hard to get off antidepressants this spring, and I really want to stay off of them this winter. Hopefully weekly posts about the things I love about winter will keep me positive!

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