Saturday, May 7, 2011

Play it Sweet in Heaven

Ross' grandmother passed away early yesterday morning, and I'm in the unique position of finding the person I love mourning for someone they loved. I met his grandma several times, but never got to know her extremely well in the last four years because her health has been failing. Heading to New Mexico for a funeral is not the happiest Mother's Day gift for Ross' family, but perhaps it's fitting that all of Florence's children and grandchildren will be together on Mother's Day, celebrating her life.

Me, Emily, Grandma, and Ross June 2009
Ross and I leave for the funeral early tomorrow morning and in a way, I'm looking forward to hearing all the happy stories that seem to come out during the times surrounding the funeral of a loved one. I can't wait to get to know her better, even if it is retrospectively. After all, she raised my mother-in-law and her siblings, whom I love dearly.

My overwhelming memories of my Grandpa Joe's funeral were not of sadness, but of joy. He fought the good fight and we celebrated his life on a cold weekend in February. At the end of the funeral Mass, I was reading a prayer he kept in his back pocket when he first got diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and the clouds literally parted and a ray of sun shot through the stained glass windows of the church right onto my Grandma Ginny and their 5 children. It was absolutely breathtaking and we all felt Grandpa's presence there.

I hope Ross' family experiences similar signs of love and comfort this weekend.


  1. Sending love to you and Ross.

  2. I just read this. Please give Ross a huge bear hug and tell the whole family I am praying for them to feel beautiful comfort from Christ. We are never ready to let go....