Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I'm Loving this Wednesday

1.) This guy.

2.) Running at sunrise.

3.) Body pump. Due to scheduling conflicts, I wasn't able to go for two weeks. Going back this morning hurt so good.

4.) Squishy baby cheeks. Taking a new primary patient at work has been good for my heart.

5.) Accupuncture. I've been going for the better part of this year and it's so worth it.

6.) A Lineage of Grace. Kind of like clean historical fiction. Except it's based off of women in the Bible. And it's opened my eyes to the fact that they were real people, too! God always uses brokenness and redemption for His glory.

7.) Instagram. I'm so late to the game, and my iPod touch takes kind of grainy pictures, but I still love sharing them. And looking at everyone else's pictures is like the Facebook without the TMI status updates, whining, and political rants.

8.) Summer Vacation! I'm off for 4 more weeks before the sheer madness of clinical teaching, working, and taking classes begins again. Don't remind me.

9.) Possibilities. Sometimes thinking about the future is like glancing into an alternate universe. Who knows where I'll be in 1 year? Or five years? Teaching science at a grade school or high school? Getting another certification in the maternal/child nursing field? Mission trips? WOOFing?

10.) My balcony garden.

11.) Listening to sermons on my iPod while cleaning the apartment. Why didn't I start doing this sooner?

12.) Summer sunsets.

13.) Farmer's market produce (really, I should just write an ode to summer).

14.) Homemade juice.

15.) The gluten-free, dairy-free dessert menu at Cafe Gratitude. I'm sure my eyes popped out of my head when I realized I could order anything without having my choice come back to bite me later.

16.) Above all of these, I'm so thankful for new eyes to see God's work in my life!

What makes you happy right now?


  1. I love you and wish I was better about keeping in touch with you lately, would love to hug your precious neck.