Monday, July 7, 2014

Noah's First Fourth

We drove to Omaha for the 4th of July, which was incredibly surreal. I've driven that road between KC and Omaha so many times. In high school for an impromptu girls' weekend, dozens of times in college on the way home from Texas for holidays, numerous times alone since moving to KC. Lots of memories, some good some bad. But it was crazy to think that 7 years earlier to the day, Ross and I were road-tripping to Omaha for my dad's 50th birthday party. We weren't even officially dating yet!

Hold the phone... here's a picture from that weekend 7 years ago. We were babies! NO idea what was in store for us.

And now here we are, driving our tiny baby to my parent's house.

We had a chill weekend. Lots of eating and sleeping for everyone! It was good to get out, and good to get home after a weekend away.


(my three brothers and my baby boy)

(learned a new trick by the end of the weekend)

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