Friday, January 13, 2017

A Day in the Life

I've been meaning to do this for way, way too long. And in fact, I almost forgot I'd chosen to do it today until mid-morning. Of course, my phone memory is full, per usual, so I barely took any photos. I guess this a truly an accurate depiction of our lives right now!

0300: I start tossing and turning and can't get back to sleep thanks to a tension headache.

0600: Ross finally decides to just get up and go to the gym.I continue to lay in bed, trying to catch a cat nap before the craziness begins.

0645: Ross is home and Noah is up. This is the fourth night this week that Noah has slept through the night. Thank God! He was up 1-3 times a night most nights in December and we are still recovering.

0700: Ross gets Noah and gets him dressed, while I get up and get myself dressed.

0720: Noah and I eat breakfast while Ross gets ready for work. I also pack a lunch for Noah and myself since we have a busy morning.

0735: Ross heads to work, and graciously starts my car so it can warm up a bit in the driveway.

0745: Noah and I rush out the door for my prenatal appointment.

0815:We check in, and only have to wait a few minutes before my name gets called. I don't know if it's because it's Friday, or because it's early, but I've never seen the clinic this quiet!

0840: Midwife comes in, chats for a few minutes, and finds the heartbeat. It took a minute, and I found myself holding my breath. I was so relieved when she found the baby handing out on my right side, heart beating away perfectly. So relieved. After that, I got a quick blood draw and we headed to our next destination.

0930: We arrive at Urban Air! We loved Jumperoo last winter, and I can't believe we haven't been yet this winter. Actually, yet I can. November and December were crazy. It was really fun to be back, though! We spent 2.5 hours running, jumping, and climbing. I'm super proud of him for keeping his pants dry all morning.

1145: Only had a minor meltdown leaving our fun morning activity. Noah and I both ate lunch in the car on the drive home (chicken salad, applesauce, and granola bars).

1215: When we got home, Noah and I inhaled some air-popped popcorn. He played while I took a quick shower (just... too many germs indoors in the winter, and I just recovered from the last cold).

1245: Finally have Noah in his nap diaper and nap jams, in his dark room. I am PRAYING that our morning activity wore him out enough to nap. This 1+ month-long nap strike isn't my favorite. I proceed to lay in my bed and play on social media, waiting for the chattering and the footsteps in his room to die down. They never do. Instead, I waste the whole time on my phone, instead of napping or being productive. Not the best idea.

1430: I open Noah's door and he bolts out of his room. I ask if he wants to snuggle in my bed (praying for a nap), and his answer is an emphatic "no!" He plays with his little airplane, and I start making some potato salad. I wouldn't say I've had any pregnancy cravings yet, but the past 3 days I've actually had an appetite, and when something sounds not revolting, I've been trying to make it happen since I have lost half a pound in the past 11 weeks. Anyway, thus begins an hour of cutting, boiling, mixing, interruptions, toddler playing with water in the sink, needing clothes changed, etc. While the potatoes boil, I help Noah assemble his plane twice, and he fully disassembles it twice. It's fun to watch him figure it out!

1545: I eat a bowl of potato salad and read 5-6 books to Noah. He really loves the Jillian Jiggs books this week, which warms my heart.

1600: Time starts passing very slowly by this time of the day, especially when no nap is involved. I start grasping at straws, and ask Noah if he wants to help me bake cookies.

1615: The peanut butter has been thrown, jar shattered, and toddler in time-out while I clean up.

1630: I call the local Thai restaurant for takeout, noting the need to get medium spiciness this time. We order hot most places, but we were practically crying when we ordered hot from Lemongrass last time!

1700: Noah and I leave to pick up dinner.

1730: We are home, and start eating. Yum!

1800: Ross is home. He helps us finish mixing the cookie dough we started earlier, and then he and Noah play "lots of minutes," per Noah's request.

1845: Ross takes Noah to get a shower while I tidy up.

1900: We tag-team the bedtime diaper, lotion, tooth-brushing drama.

1925: Noah is in bed. He's been sleeping in his crib sans side since we got back from Christmas, and he's doing really well in the sense that he hasn't fallen off the bed, or slept on the floor by the door at all! We did change the monitor view, though, and I do miss smiling at all of his funny sleep positions before going to bed for the night.

2030: I eat a second helping of my dinner while Ross finally gets to eat his dinner. We debate watching a movie, but decide to watch a few episodes of The Office instead.

2130: Never mind. Don't actually get into bed until 9:30, and decide we are too old and tired to watch anything. Lights out!

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