Sunday, January 8, 2017

Weeks 7, 8, and 9, oh my!

Wow. Wow wow wow. Either I'd forgotten how awful the first trimester is, or it's really just worse this time around for whatever reason. Nausea and total food aversion hit hard right at the start of 6 weeks, and even the thought of giving a nuanced weekly update made me more nauseated! I'm very thankful for twice-a-day meds, but I still have zero cravings whatsoever. Just a whole lot of aversions.

The holiday season? Wonderful. Joyful. Wiped. Me. Out. On the one hand, I'm super thankful that all the chaos has made the first ten weeks FLY by, whereas I remember them positively crawling when I was pregnant with Noah. On the other hand, the massive cold that I got this week has to be my body's way of saying that things are changing, quickly, and I need to slow down and re-evaluate accordingly.

And speaking of holidays, we told my extended family the news the day after Christmas, by simply letting Noah wear a "Super Cool Big Bro" shirt to Christmas at my grandma's house. It was fun to see the realization slowly dawn on people's faces at different times.

Another fun thing is, I feel like my belly started to "pop" this past week. I feel like I look now the same way I looked at 14-15 weeks with Noah. Also, I know the naysayers will scoff, but I SWEAR I've been feeling baby move this week. He or she is the size of a strawberry, so surely that's big enough for me to feel a "thump" when he or she bounces around, right? It's certainly big enough for me to have trouble bending over to pick stuff up already.

It's all suddenly so... real. We are (hopefully) 25% of the way to meeting this baby already! *gulp*

To quote my old favorite, Saved by the Bell...

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