Sunday, September 27, 2009

Inagural Post

I've been putting this off for a while because I'm afraid I have nothing worth posting, or that my words are so rusty it won't be worth reading. However, I have several friends with amazing blogs and I realize that the only way to get there is to start!
That being said, it has been quite an eventful September. Early this month, my great new friend Brittnye and I met my mom and aunt in Kansas City to apartment hunt. My mom and I stumbled across one apartment building with a homicide notice posted to the door, and several dilapidated, over-priced complexes before we found a sweet neighborhood of apartments in Mission, Kansas. I chose the SilverWood complex and was so excited that they had a 3rd floor (read: vaulted ceilings) apartment with a west-facing balcony available (so that I can grow plants in the sunlight)! I filled out the paperwork, wrote a check, and then drove through the complex to find it. There's a huge, tall, wide, leafy tree in front of the balcony! We may be doing some stealth landscaping this winter...

Immediately following the KC trip Ross and I celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary on September 19 in the Florida Keys. Tired phrase aside, I keep finding myself saying, "time flies!" Our trip was full of sunshine and lots of time spent floating in the salty water.

We came home on a Tuesday night and that Wednesday morning, Ross went to work as usual and then turned around and came home at 9am. Long story short, his boss had found out he was planning on giving his two-week notice in three weeks and fired him on the spot for "disloyalty." Ross has been incredibly okay with this transition (I would've started bawling in front of the boss and lost all respect). In fact, he even stood up in church today and thanked God for this kick in the right direction. There's no doubt that we're meant to leave Texas now and send Ross to grad school! On that note, I have so say that while I'm happy I'm going to be living in Kansas City again, I'm incredibly sad about leaving Texas (there's enough to fill an entirely separate post on that subject).
With all this going on, my heart has been filled with nostalgia, regret (the what-ifs), worry, fear, excitement, thanksgiving, you name it. We heard a song at Exalt (Wednesday night worship at Christ Chapel) last spring when all this Kansas business started that clarified the tuggings at my heart:
Yearn by Shane and Shane
Holy design
This place in time
That I might seek and find my God

Lord, I want to yearn for You
I want to burn with passion over You
And only You
Lord, I want to yearn for You
I want to burn with passion over You
And only You
Lord, I want to yearn

Your joy is mine
Yet why am I fine
With all my singing and bringing grain
In light of Him

Oh, You give life and breath
In You we live and move
That’s why I sing

If you don't recognize the lyrics, it's definitely worth buying and listening to! Today I'll be praying in thanksgiving for: God's direction, the wonderful friends we have in Texas, our amazing church, and the Texas sunshine outside! With more humility, I'll be praying for my anxiety, Ross' Kansas job search, looming night shift, and a smooth move on October 16.

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