Friday, October 2, 2009

Texas, how I love thee

Well, the countdown begins... two weeks left in Texas. How did moving get so close already? And no, we have not started packing yet, thank you. I've lived in Fort Worth just over 6 years now, which means I've spent more consecutive years here than in any other city. That blows my mind! Before college, you could pretty much divide my life into 5-year segments: 2 years in Independence, 5 years in Omaha, 5 years in KC, 5 years in Omaha.

That means Fort Worth is "my" city. It's the place I chose for myself and so much of my life has happened here, for better or for worse! Right now I'm focusing on the "for better" parts and I'm really going to miss this place. I've been in my cozy little apartment for 2 years already. Packing may be harder than we're thinking.

As much as I resisted Texas pride at first, I will admit it's there for a reason. It's a great state! I'm really going to miss my friends here. Of course, the closer we get to moving, the more social Ross and I have become. Ironic, I know.

In our rush to cram in as much Texas as we can, we've been trying to tackle my checklist of all things Texan that I have yet to do.
My first dinner at Babe's. Yummy fried chicken!

More to come as we work through the list!

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