Monday, April 25, 2011

Being Proactive

There's a point at which hanging out in your pajamas all morning crosses the line from indulgent to lazy and just plain sad. After several weeks of careful experimentation, I believe that line is lunch. Yet here I sit, eating lunch in my PJs.

You know when you have dreams so real and vivid, you're confused when you wake up? Last night I dreamed we still lived in Ft. Worth. I was missing my old job like woah yesterday and I guess my mind wanted to escape to Southland fantasy-land last night. I woke up in a funk. I was ecstatic about having 4 days off after a crazy/terrible/emotional/overtime-filled week at work, but now I'm just sad and lonely.

I don't remember being bored like this on my days off in Texas. I had friends with similar schedules and a husband with an 8-5 job to cook dinner for. It was predictable and enjoyable. And it's long, long gone.

But if I dwell on it too much longer, I'll start to cry again. So here's what I CAN do NOW to enjoy my life more:

-Get dressed before breakfast.  Nothing fancy, nothing snazzy, just real clothes.

-Have 'quiet time' before computer time. My days are so much better when I start with devotionals or even a workout instead of checking e-mail and reading blogs. The internet seems to be my best friend since we've moved here and that's just pitiful.

-On that note, limit internet time to 1 hour a day. Enough said.

-Start going to small-group tomorrow. I've been looking forward to this ever since we finally found a church we like. The young women's small group was on a hiatus but they start back up tomorrow. Can't wait to meet some new friends!

-Get out of the house every day. Have a set plan and stick to it. Whether it's yoga, a lunch date, heck, even walking to the library (when it's not raining like it is today).

-Do something active every day, even when I really really don't feel like it (like *ahem* I feel right now).

Help! Any other suggestions for me?


  1. -make a thankful list for every single time regret or sadness try to settle. Amazing how it changes a mood!

    -cook for Ross anyway... take it to him or wait up when you would normally fall asleep. Eat at midnight if you have to... it's worth it, especially pre-children!

    -call your mom. Something about that always helps!

    -find a dog to pet. Something about the way they look at you adoringly, makes you remember you have worth... no matter how crummy you feel.

    -eat real chocolate... just a little...shhh... we won't know if you don't tell! ;)

    - wear your PJ's ALL day... BECAUSE you want to be lazy...on purpose because you DESERVE it every now and again after a crazy/terrible/emotional/over-time filled week at work. Do it while you can... when kids come, those days are no longer an option!

    -keep your favorite fresh flowers on board... nothing screams smiles like a gerber daisy!

    -dance as if no one is watching... every single day.... EVERY SINGLE DAY!

    -talk to Jesus.. outloud... just as you would your best friend in the room. It is powerfully uplifting!

    -laugh at yourself for asking for suggestions knowing I am a blog follower who always talks too much and of course gave you far more than you meant with that tiny little question!

    -remember you are loved by many... even those of us who haven't seen you in a LONG LONG time!

    Now... go be happy today in however you choose to make that happen! You are a JOY to others... so now enjoy yourself!


  2. Robin, you're awesome! I LOVE it when people actually answer my questions. And I'm long-winded, too, so I don't mind it one bit ;-)