Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm 25 years old

Just wanted to say it a few more times while I can. 25 was is a good age. It's an ideal age. Old enough to (hopefully) have college behind you, but young enough to be energetic and enthusiastic about the opportunities in front of you.

This morning I gave a presentation at work and then went to lunch with some co-workers. (I didn't tell them it was my birthday tomorrow because it snuck up on me this year and I have all of one day to be melancholy lol).

Then I came home and crashed on the couch. They must've put something in my miso soup- I was so tired after lunch. Now I'm puttering around, resisting the lure of the donut pan my sister-in-law sent me for my birthday. (Don't worry, Emily, I'm breaking it in tomorrow if I can hold off that long).

It's a gorgeous day so I think I'll go for a walk as well- allergens be darned!

And, since this is such a random post, here are a few pictures from this past weekend in Omaha. On Saturday, we got to watch my baby brother play in a Varsity soccer tournament. Prep won!

Bobby is #24. I'm glad we got to see him play! Saturday night, my parents invited my grandparents over for dinner- perfect weather to break out the grilled burgers! Since Ross' birthday was on Saturday and mine's tomorrow, my brother added up our age and wrote it out in candles. Lovely :o)

 Then after dinner, we picked up a canoe my mom had bought at a garage sale that day. I told you... random.

Sunday morning was gorgeous and we got to go to church and lunch with the whole family. Like my dad said, we did get to see spring twice. I had to take pictures.

Ross tied the canoe to my dad's truck and we headed out. It was a fun celebratory weekend!

Happy belated birthday, Ross!

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  1. Happy birthday! If I remember, 26 years old was a good age for me, haha. But then again, I don't remember all that much of what happened that year.
    Glad you had a great time with your family :)