Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August was Awesome


*shuffles through calendar*

Wait a second. There's no way this is the last day of August.

It's only been, like, 2 weeks since I wrote this post, right?

Is the rest of my life going to continue to accelerate at such a burgeoning pace?!

August actually ended up being a pretty stellar month. Lots of things happened I couldn't have even anticipated when I wrote that post on August 1. Without further ado, here's a recap of my Make August Awesome goals:

1. Have something to look forward to.

In the original post, I said I was looking forward to school starting. Turns out, I was just looking forward to eliminating the fear of the unknown. It's a long story (don't you love it when people say that? I just mean that you get to see a long, rambling post on this subject alone soon) but I opted out of the Midwifery program at the last possible moment and am in the process of setting everything up to start a different program IN PERSON this October. And I actually AM excited to sit in a classroom and take my first class!

2. Create a goal for the month.

Mine was to go to yoga 3x/week. It actually ended up just being 2x/week most weeks with an additional workout or two thrown in at home. I LOVE yoga and I'm really enjoying getting into this practice with my 20-class pass. I can tell I'm improving, especially after my physical therapy session last week (more on that later, too).

I have been lusting after a gym membership for Body Pump classes, but yesterday I found the Tone it Up blog and YouTube channel and I'm in love. These will definitely kick my booty a few days a week until I am able to join a gym!

3. Plan a dinner party or fun event.

This flat-out didn't happen. We're trying to find another couple to go to First Friday with us this weekend, but that's not exactly August anymore. But, unexpectedly, we now have a nice grown-up apartment to host in!

4. Go through your summer clothes and decide what you didn't wear this year and need to get rid of. 

DONE! I went through the closet AND the pantry and cleared stuff out. Moral of the story: just because you can fit into something from American Eagle circa 2002 doesn't mean you should wear it in public 9 years later. I also sorted through the mass of papers that was threatening to overtake every open surface in the apartment. 

5. Go for a swim!

I really miss the lap swimming I was able to do earlier this summer, but another pass wasn't in the financial cards. However, last week I finally managed to go sit by the pool at our apartment. I wanted to go again today, but apparently all the pools in town are closed due to a cryptosporidium outbreak. Sad! Oh well, at least I have the memory of last week to last me through the cold winter... Okay new subject!

6. Pick up a new cookbook to try this month.

I've made 2 delicious recipes from Peas and Thank You and I hope to make more soon! I also mentioned in the original post that I just wanted to go to the grocery store twice this month. That didn't happen. BUT I am going on a week and a half since going to the grocery store. And so far I've been able to go to the farmer's market weekly, which has been great.

Overly dramatized, of course.
And speaking of farmer's markets, Ross tried eggplant and didn't hate it!

7. Sign up for a fitness event with a friend.

I haven't done this. I literally just started running again on Monday and slow and easy is the name of the game. I'm running 5 minutes at a time, so it's probably undue pressure and expense to sign up for a race right now. But I do still have the Disney Princess Half pipe dream.

8. Plan a vacation with your significant other.

I forgot about this one. I think I need to bring it up tonight!

9. Go out for girls night.

I got to hang out with some wonderful high school/lifelong friends a few weekends ago in Omaha. It was so good for the soul! The most fun I've had in a long time. Erin and I walked around Dundee for hours just talking and losing track of time. The evening air was perfect. And then I met up with Tina for a drink and lots of wedding talk (less then 2 months until her wedding!)

How is this Moscow Mule my only picture from that night?!
I do still need to hang out with Rachel and Johanna from work (seriously ladies, why do we all seem to work opposite days of the week?!) And plan a happy hour with Brie and Chandra- lunch at Lulu's last week was fun so hopefully we can start hanging out more!

10. Eat a local, ripe peach!

Done. And I wish I had more now. I bought a bag on the way back from Omaha a few weeks ago and sliced and froze most of them for future smoothie and baking use.

11. 13-Week Dave Ramsey course.

Ummm no. We don't have the time right now. But I do still want to do one within the next 12 months!

August highlights:

-Getting the all-clear to start running again for 5 minutes every few days.

-Harvesting grapes at my dad's vineyard for the first time.

-Redoing the apartment. We got a new couch and it all kind of cascaded from there. But it feels much happier and more permanent now. Fitting, since we just renewed our lease for another 18 months!

-Changing my life goals. (No big deal, right?) I had a long list of reasons why I was uneasy with my decision to start Midwifery school and I feel 1,000 times better about my decision to pursue nursing education instead.

-Lots and lots of farmer's market delicious. I love vegetables!

-Ross and I started a small group and we love it. Hopefully some good friendships come out of it.

-Speaking of friends, our friends Chris and Amanda moved up here with their sweet baby this month. Clearly KC is the cool place to be!

What was the highlight of your August?

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