Monday, August 29, 2011

Extrememe Makeover: Apartment Edition

{The Office}

Our office actually wasn't too bad until recently. There was a long shelf along this wall, to the left when you walk in. But it fell down earlier this summer.

And Ross had built himself a nice computer desk last fall, but I hijacked it with my statistics homework. The desk is on the right when you walk in, and there's a window at the back that looks onto the balcony.

If we ever hoped to have a clear dining room table, we were going to have to redo the office. Ross made an awesome desk with drawer last fall (this picture doesn't do it justice), but he volunteered to get rid of it and make one big desk for us to share. (I felt really bad because his first frame was so nice, but he did this all over the weekend while I was at work). And again, just like the living room we Ross flipped the office around.

New desk on the left. With a purple wall behind it! I did help pick the color, but Ross also did this while I was at work and tried to surprise me with it when I got home. I loved the desk, but it was so dark I totally didn't notice the color until hours later. Oops!

Guess whose side is who's? Haha!

I spy a cute bebe. And my inspiration board!
Chair on the right.

We really love this chair. It was our first piece of 'adult' furniture from a Nebraska Furniture Mart post-Thanksgiving sale last year. It was our Christmas present to each other. Now I wish we'd bought two of them, even though there's no room for a second one! We bought the pillows during Crate & Barrel's winter sale online and for months afterward, just walking by this 'big kid' chair made me smile. When it was by the wall bookshelf, it was the perfect place to curl up with a book and a hot drink. Now that it's by the window, I'll love sitting there in the sunshine this winter.

Finally, in lieu of the homemade bookshelf that fell apart, we finally hung up the Design Within Reach bookshelves I got for Ross for our first married Christmas in Texas. Ross has such a good eye for spacing them!

So that's our happy, sunny office. It's also warmer in the winter, which hopefully means I'll have an added incentive to do my homework!

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