Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Extrememe Makeover: Apartment Edition

{The Pantry}

Seriously, this is all the pantry space we have. There are 4 cabinets in the kitchen that hold dishes, glasses, and baking pans and we're left with these 5 shelves for food (and believe me, I know we're blessed to be able to fill them). But it is annoying that they're so deep; it's really not practical to fill them all the way to the back wall.

This wasn't a huge thing, but something had to be done. I cleaned and organized this about 8 months ago, but it got cluttered again. This time Ross put a shelf up above the washer to help make things more visible. It was cluttered enough that I was knocking stuff over any time I reached beyond the first row of food.

After 1
After 2
We feel so much better every time we walk into the pantry/laundry room now. And we can grab Ziploc bags and baking stuff without digging around and knocking things over. Hooray!

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