Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sunday Night in the Crossroads

Ross and I actually went out on a weekend evening! An afternoon storm blew in on Sunday. Sadly, it didn't leave as much rain as we needed, but it cooled things down.

The weather was perfect after the rainstorm, so we headed to the Crossroads districts and had a cheese plate and some wine on the patio at Tannin. On our way home, we stopped to look at the new performing arts center and I took a few pictures as the sun set. Ross's employer is the lighting desiner for this project and Ross has been working on it, so he was able to give me some trivia about the building. What a cool (and beautiful) project!

Ross asking me how much I thought this light cost. I never win that game.

This weekend started with a visit to some of my favorite bouncing babies and ended with this sunset. What a beautiful start to a busy week! Did your week start off well?

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  1. You were in my 'hood! :) I want to try Tannin really bad - did you like it?