Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Carpe Diem

I have been beyond exhausted lately but this morning when my alarm went off, I actually got out of bed. (Okay, I pushed *snooze* twice and then got out of bed). Why did I set an alarm on "my Saturday?" Body Pump!

Now I'm home a my muscles are spaghetti in the best way possible. Time for a hot bath, and then a CLEANING FRENZY! Today I plan to:

 -work out done!
-clean the apartment
-try on all my clothes and see what still fits and looks responsible per my monthly resolution
-find something to do with my hair besides throwing it in a frizzy ponytail
-plan some meals for the week and go grocery shopping
-clean up my computer inside and out

This way tomorrow, I can: 
-run a bunch of errands (namely, see if any after Christmas sales are still applicable at Ulta (I need big-kid makeup), Lululemon (because, seriously), and TJ Maxx (do they have business casual?);
-go to lunch with a friend (sushi!) and
-study for my last stats test ever!
-go to small group-- it feels like I haven't been in forever

All of this so that Friday, I can:
-go to Body Pump again
-go to a part-time job interview
-hopefully take my stats test, and then...
-RELAX with NO weight on my shoulders before the real craziness of TA-ing and classes begins again!

What are your goals for the week?

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