Monday, January 2, 2012

Ringing in the New Year

I had plans for a long post re-capping everything I haven't blogged about in the past few weeks, but first I was too busy and then I had a long day mentally, physically, and emotionally at work yesterday.

2012 has been off to an interesting start. I rung in the new year by working all day NYE and then spilling water on my laptop (NOOOOOO) while I was eating dinner after work. (Lesson learned. Spend less time on the computer, dumb@ss.)

Then I made cookies from the Babycakes cookbook Ross got me for Christmas :-)

The next day, I brought a frozen dinner with black-eyed peas to work with me to celebrate New Year's Day and I got a 10-minute break to shovel it in. As I was eating inhaling my lunch, I recalled that the last time I brought this lunch to work, I also had a busy day and didn't get much of a lunch break. Conclusion: while tasty, balck-eyed peas are not particularly lucky for me. I will just eat them at home from now on ;-)

Despite January 1 being a busy day, it was full of meaningful and sobering moments and I resolved to live more fully this year. I got home at 9:30 pm last night, I ate an Udi's bagel, took a long hot shower, and fell into bed. I didn't even brush my teeth!

I woke up well-rested, certainly, but a bit dazed and I consequently spent the morning and early afternoon in front of the computer doing nothing at all (so much for my NYE lesson). I think that blog-reading is an avoidance strategy for me. Don't want to worry about your own life? Read about someone else's. This is a problem. I really need to sit down and journal about yesterday to process it, but conveniently I wasted all my time and now I need to hurry up and clean the apartment a bit before rushing to a co-worker's house to see some of my favorite babies!

But before I do that, here's what's been happening:

-Ross and I drove to Amarillo on Christmas Eve and went to a candlelight service with Ross' family.

-My sister-in-law owns the Hunger Games which I've been wanting to read. I consequently read a book a day until I was done with the trilogy. Seriously.

-Christmas morning, we opened presents and then spent the rest of the day reading (see above) and relaxing. Overnight, Amarillo went from brown grass to SNOW! We woke up to a true white Christmas for the first time I can remember and it kept snowing all day long.

-I was so thankful I left my laptop at home. I needed a computer detox in a bad way.

-I also painted my nails for the first time in who knows how long. Emily's nails were a plummy gray shade for the holidays and I immediately coveted the polish. (It's Fearless Fog by Sally Hansen).

-I harangued Emily into going to Body Pump with me twice. I think she liked it! I'm jealous her gym offers more day-time classes than mine does.

-On December 29, I hightailed it out of Texas before sunrise to get back to Kansas City to see my family. My mom, dad, and 2 brothers came down for the resurrection of what used to be an annual tradition after Christmas: walk around the Plaza and look at the lights and then eat a huge dinner at Hibachi Japanese Steakhouse with my dad's brother's family. So fun!

-December 30, I got a blissful morning off due to low-census and I went to Beer Kitchen in Westport with my family. Delicious. I want to eat there daily. Then I went in to work around 12:30.




-Lay around and be lazy. And here we are.

Do you have a New Year's Resolution? I had a lot last year, and I'm sure at some point this month I'll look them up and see how I fared. But judging by the fact that I can't remember most of them, I think I know how that's going to end.

I've been making monthly goals the last few months and I like those better. This month's goal (not off to a fresh start considering I've spent the first two days in scrubs or pajamas thus far) it to dress for success.

I'm going to be a TA/clinical instructor for the entire year of 2012. This is no small task. Most of my students will be older than me. I'm 26 but I dress like I'm still in college. If I want people to take me seriously, I can't keep waiting for glossy hair and a put-together outfits and an acne-free face to magically appear. (But... if only that could happen)! Any advice?

Wish me luck!


  1. I wish we had gotten to see y'all while you were in Texas! Miss you guys! Hopefully we will see one another soon!

  2. Do you have pinterest? Great place to find some "dress for success" outfit ideas. Or you could let me take you shopping! I'm stuck in "success" clothes every day. Or just go buy all the manikins at JCP, that's basically what I do. Plus everything is always on sale!

  3. I do have Pinterest! I never thought to look at outfits there. Thanks :o)