Friday, September 20, 2013


Thanks so much for your kind words on yesterday's post! We're so happy to be celebrating 5 years of marriage. It's worth celebrating!

Speaking of which, I worked night shift this week and when I pulled up to the apartment yesterday morning, Ross was just leaving for work. He had a box in his arms and I smiled and waved as I parked. He smiled, and then slouched over and went back inside. Ha!

I walked up the stairs to see what was going on, and he was standing inside with a box in his hands, saying I'd caught him! He was trying to go to work with my anniversary gift, to surprise me with it when he got home and I woke up. Instead, I got to open it early.

But first, the back story:

I love baked goods and I was really particular about finding a wedding cake that was delicious more than anything else. We got our cakes from Cupcake Island in Omaha and we loved them! The main cake was lemon with raspberry filling, and the groom's cake was chocolate with strawberry filling. Yum! We cut and served our own cake at our reception and it was so fun.

Well, our wedding reception venue "lost" the top tier of our wedding cake, and I've always been pretty disappointed by that. We never got to eat gross freezer-burned cake on our anniversary! We kept meaning to go back and get more cake but then time went on, and then I stopped eating gluten, and then our marriage wasn't great.

But we were in Omaha this past winter and happened to drive by Cupcake Island for the first time in years-- and they had a sign in the window advertising gluten-free cupcakes! Apparently Ross started plotting.

This Wednesday, he DROVE TO AND FROM OMAHA to get a lemon cake with raspberry filling, decorated exactly like the top tier of our wedding cake, to celebrate 5 years! It was so thoughtful and symbolic and beautiful and delicious! A perfect gift. And I got to eat cake for breakfast.

The rest of our celebration was tonight. Per tradition, we went out for pizza! There's more of an explanation here, but basically we served pizza at our wedding reception and have since made it a tradition to celebrate our anniversary with a good pizza dinner!

Tonight we went to Waldo Pizza for the first time. I'm so bummed we didn't get a picture together, but we certainly did enjoy our food. (I got a GF Hawaiian pizza with jalepenos and vegan mozzarella. Don't knock it 'til you try it.)

I will go to bed tonight full of good food and good memories. Celebratory, indeed!

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