Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pizza, Please

Remember when Ross and I celebrated our anniversary at SPIN! Pizza in September? We loved it. In fact, I believe we found an excuse to eat there 2 more times in the 3 weeks following that dinner. It only made sense to join their free rewards club and get discounts and accumulate points. So I started getting e-mails from them and a few weeks ago, I opened one said something to the extent of: "October is National Pizza Month! Share your pizza story and win a gift card." Free pizza? Don't mind if I do.

Ross and I do have somewhat of a unique "pizza story" so I jotted it down and sent it in. And we won! Twenty-five whole dollars to spend on pizza. I'm sure we'll pay SPIN! a visit the day the gift card comes in the mail. Just in case you're interested, here's the story:

Before my husband was my husband, we met at a wedding (I was a bridesmaid, he was a groomsman). When our friends got back from their honeymoon, I decided I needed an excuse to hang out with that cute groomsman again so several of us went to my friend’s house for pizza night. Every couple designed their own pizza and Ross and I were the odd ones out so we conveniently got paired together. I vetoed Italian Sausage, he vetoed veggie overload, but we eventually made a cute pizza and a great first date memory. 

June 2007 before we were "us"
When it came time to plan our own wedding, we wanted to serve a reception dinner that went beyond saucy chicken and buttered green beans. When the venue suggested flatbread pizza, we thought it would be a fun option reminiscent of our first date.

A year later, we were in Florida celebrating our one-year wedding anniversary and we made big plans to go to a fancy dinner. But we had rental car malfunctions and ended up ordering Pizza Hut and eating on the beach. Since that ended up being so fun, we decided we’d already had pizza 2 years in a row on September 19 so we might as well make it an anniversary tradition!

September 2009
 Last year we were new to Kansas City and ordered Pizza 51, which was good, but nothing to write home about. This past year, I was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance and I was afraid our pizza tradition was out the window. But a co-worker told me about SPIN! Pizza and we celebrated our third wedding anniversary there on September 19 of this year. We have been back 3 times since then, so I think it’s safe to say we loved it! We look forward to celebrating our anniversary (and any other occasion we can think of) with SPIN! Pizza for years to come.

September 2011

 Hmmm after writing all that, I'm hungry for pizza again!


  1. SPIN also has some great salads and soups. We should do lunch there sometime, I have 20% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket!

  2. Awesome! We'll have to check it out next month!-britt

  3. Brie- LET'S GO!

    Britt- I'm all for it. You'll love it :o)