Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Pray That Someday We Will Laugh About This

So we bought a house in March.

I hate being a homeowner.

I'm hoping that in typing this out now, this will become the exhaustive list of what-the-crap-is-going-wrong-now. One can hope, right?! In all honesty, this is completely wearing us out mentally, physically, and emotionally. Genuine prayers would be greatly appreciated because we're just starting to get flat-out worried.

Here's the deal:

We bought a cute little house near the bottom of our price range with the rationale that we'd add a kitchen and laundry room and turn the current tiny kitchen into a dining room.

So we had someone come to move the AC in the backyard to make room for an addition, and he said it the AC was totally broken. We replaced the AC.

We had someone come out to give us a quote for moving the furnace from the kitchen (?!) to the crawl space, and they said the heater was totally broken. So we replaced the heater.

By then the addition was financially out of the question, so we settled for a kitchen renovation.

Had an electrician come out to give us a quote for moving a few switches and adding a few outlets, and he said our electric panel and wiring were an extreme fire hazard and replacing everything would be the safest bet. Given what had just happened with my grandma, we didn't think twice. (The electrician did a really great job and passed his inspection with flying colors but, right at the end, when he was installing lights in the drywall ceiling we had JUST hung, he cut holes much larger than he needed to. Not a safety hazard, but several more hours of work for Ross that could've been prevented.)

Then we had a plumber come out to move the lines for the washing machine and he said our plumbing was fine for now, but it wasn't great. But since the floor, walls, and ceiling were torn up in the kitchen, we decided to be pre-emptive and have the hot and cold water pipes replaced now, instead of after they'd leaked all over our new renovation.

We replaced them. And instead, the NEW plumbing leaked all over one of the bedrooms.

The plumber came back to fix it and still didn't pass the plumbing inspection. We're hoping the third time is a charm.

We tore down the wall in that bedroom, and for some reason it was really bothering me, so I got a lead testing kit from Lowe's. Sure enough, lead paint. Dust everywhere. Cue pregnant lady panic. Like, I can't even think about it too much because I may have caused irreparable damage to this poor baby's development and it could've been completely preventable. Now I'm basically afraid to go into the house, and I'm paranoid that all of our belongings are now "contaminated." Poor Ross is working even more single-handedly than ever before.

Honestly, it's been one step forward and two steps back with this house. Anyone want to give us some land so we can just start over from scratch?! But seriously, prayers for our physical and emotional health would be greatly appreciated.

Edited to Add:

April 2014-- it rained. The roof leaks. Now we know why the wall between the kitchen and the garage was so moldy when Ross knocked it down.

July 2014-- the fridge broke. It was from the early 90s, so it didn't make sense to repair it. Hello, new (sale) fridge.

November 2014-- our dryer started to malfunction. It will need to be replaced sooner rather than later, since the cost of repair would be half of the cost of a new dryer, and it's already getting old in appliance-world.

April 2015-- puddles in the crawlspace.  Removed awkward granite "patio" and re-graded the front fourth of the backyard with 12 bathtubs of dirt to keep water away from the foundation.

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