Friday, April 25, 2014

32 weeks and 33 weeks: Ready or not...

32 Weeks

This week FLEW by. I don't even know what to report pregnancy-wise. Things have been more or less status quo compared to last week. What consumed my mind, my time, and my energy this week was moving.

that moment when I realized moving and renovating in the third trimester was an awful idea
Major thanks to my mom for helping us pack the apartment! No joke, she probably packed about 2/3 of it (maybe more). I don't know what I would've done without her. I was working hard, and exhausted at the end of the day, but moving so slowly in comparison! We never would've been out of the apartment on time if it weren't for her.

We did hire movers as well, which made me feel so spoiled. But this is our third 3rd story apartment and since I'm basically out of commission when it comes to heavy boxes right now, I knew we needed help this time around. (I can't hug the big boxes to my torso to lift them anymore. Somethingone is in the way!) The movers came Friday to move the majority of our stuff, and I busted my butt to finish packing before they came. Then I organized our stuff for quick loading since we paid by the hour (maybe nesting is kicking in after all, but I just don't have the energy for it).

Then I beat the movers to the house and scrubbed the floors in two of the bedrooms for them to have somewhere relatively dust-free to put all of our belongings! (Also, nothing like moving to remind you that you have WAY too much stuff.) I was going non-stop on Friday with the exception of a one-hour break around noon to catch my breath. I paid for it dearly with lots of contractions and a headache and hip pain by that night. And tears. Oops.

33 weeks

To say that I've been steamrolled by this move would be an understatement. I feel a little guilty that the move feels like it's taking more of a physical and emotional precedence than the baby right now. When people ask if the baby's room is ready, I want to cry. Our HOUSE isn't ready! No I'm not nesting or painting or folding cute little baby clothes! I'm trying to figure out where we're going to live until our house is safe to inhabit. (Thankfully my brother volunteered his house).

We had to turn our keys in on Sunday, so we got most of our stuff moved out that Friday and spent Friday and Saturday night on an air mattress at the apartment.

saying a tearful goodbye to apartment 332
 Some massive shift happened physically between 28-32 weeks and I went from feeling more or less like myself, to feeling like I couldn't get anything done, and how on earth is this house going to be ready to live in, and are we going to have any down time to prepare for this baby?! I mentioned I spent last Friday packing the last bit of stuff (which always ends up being more than you think) and moving with the movers. Even though I didn't carry a single box up or down the three flights of stairs leading to our apartment, I was tired and sore to the point of tears that evening.

Watching Ross' face while I cried about not having eating vegetables all week and feeling like I'm not taking care of the baby, embarrassed me. My internal voice (today it was the nurse triage personality from my time in the high-risk OB clinic) had been telling me all day, you need to take it easy. You're having too many painful contractions. Lay down. Drink water. I drank lots of water, but I just didn't feel like I had the luxury of laying down because I wouldn't be able to relax knowing how much stuff has to be done.

Anyway, I felt guilty every time my stomach tightened and by the end of the day, I was worn out physically and emotionally from that on top of the packing and scrubbing floors and walls. My outburst must've left quite an impression because it caused Ross to leave the apartment before I went to work Saturday to buy smoothie ingredients and to pick up a juice and a treat from the Filling Station to go with my breakfast. It was so sweet!

Anyway, this is supposed to be a pregnancy update, not a moving update. I'm SO thankful that I look pregnant now!!!  I've become obsessed with taking selfies like, every day. It's embarrassing. But it's not because I think I look super cute (ha)... it's because you can practically see the little baby curned up in there! It's so fun to have a baby bump and it's so weird that it doesn't feel weird! I think it just comes in so gradually that you adjust daily. My mass feels the same, but my stomach sticks way out now when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror! Also, Ross struggles to pick me up when he hugs me now. Makes me feel better about being out of breath when I walk up the stairs. Gaining a pound a week is no joke!

Symptoms-wise, I've already discussed the inability to really push myself in regards to the move and the renovation and keeping up like I used to. I don't feel awful during my normal daily activities, but I can feel it at the end of the day when I've tried to push myself. Otherwise, fatigue is back. Sleep is hit or miss. Nausea and heartburn come and go, but overall they're not terrible. Feels a bit like first trimester again in that regard!

Easter 2014... last holiday with just the two of us
Baby is still head down with his butt on the right, facing the left. I LOVE when he presses something outward and I can get a mental image of an arm or a foot there. Again, SO happy to finally feel pregnant and not just weird and different! I'm already getting nostalgic for the baby bump, but excited for the baby!

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