Friday, May 2, 2014

34 Weeks

Welp, our 34th week went by in one crazy blur of work and renovations, and ended with an emotional breakdown. It started off on a wonderful note, though, with my family baby shower in Omaha. It was book-themed and so sweet that it really deserves its own post. And the leftover cake and jam cookies certainly contributed to this week's weight gain :-)

yummy gluten free cake for all!
my friend Tina is due 2-3 weeks before me!
Speaking of weight gain, I feel really and truly pregnant all the time now. I know I'm just going to get bigger, but it's still so surreal to see my belly in the mirror and connect it with the fact that it's actually me I'm seeing! (I'm soooo used to seeing other women as the pregnant ones, I think). The baby is officially taking up all the vertical real estate he can get and he's having to expand horizontally now. It's all happening so rapidly! So weird that I barely grew for the first 20 weeks and now I'm growing daily! Sometimes it feels like baby's projected half pound weekly weight gain happens overnight.

Still struggling to get veggies and real meals in. I'm so very tired of living out of a suitcase and being on the go so much. I'm definitely exhausted, but it's hard to know if that's pregnancy, or life chaos and the physical work of renovation, or both. Same with the return of nausea and heartburn this week.

never-ending house work
Cramps and hip pain picked up again as well and I was definitely waddling uncomfortably until I splurged on a massage Thursday. Problem is, baby might've liked the massage a little too much. He was squirming like crazy Thursday night and Friday morning, something was different. He was sitting higher. I distinctly felt painful kicks to my bladder. Hiccups were in a different place. I left work that morning saying, "I really hope the Midwife doesn't tell me he's breech today." But sure enough, she did. He was completely breech with his feet tucked beneath him and his head beneath my ribs.

I came back to my brother's house (where we're staying right now) and bawled. Everything just seemed to hit me at once and I was really freaking out. Not even so much about the baby or about the risk of a c-section, or any one thing in particular. Just all of it combined felt very heavy all of a sudden. Thankfully Ross just listened to me sob and we made plans to have a date night Saturday and get away from all the stress for a bit. I'm so grateful we're doing this together!

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