Sunday, February 26, 2017

16 weeks

How big is baby? At the start of week 16, baby was the size of an avocado. As of today, he or she is as big as a chipmunk!

Due date: August 6. Noah was 1.5 weeks early, so since I'm expecting that this time, I'm sure I'll go to 41.5 weeks or something ridiculous like that!

How far along: 17 weeks today

Next appointment: Ummm... 2 weeks-ish?

Gender: Won't know until the very end of March!

Total weight gain/loss: Gained a whopping 1 pound in the first trimester, but I've finally been ravenous and super thirsty this week, so I expect that to change significantly at my next appointment!

Exercise: When the nausea and fatigue hit at week 6, it floored me. I didn't work out once from weeks 6 through 15! Combined with a toddler sleep regression, never-ending viral illnesses (cold, norovirus, and flu), and cold, gray weather, I don't think I've ever been as sedentary in my entire life as I have been this winter. I miss endorphins. But good news! My energy started coming back around week 14, and my nausea mostly subsided by the end of week 15, so this week I finally took one good walk and did two short workouts: a Piyo lower body video, and a 21 Day Fix upper body video.

Stretch marks: None yet, knock on wood. I somehow didn't get this with Noah?! But I haven't been as vigilant with almond oil this time, so we will see.

Swelling: In unmentionable places. Thank you, Pelvic Congestion Syndrome. I knew it would come back, and it has with a vengeance. I'm glad I have better ways to manage it and cope this time, but it's still pretty discouraging to know that if I literally just stand for more than 2 minutes without any support garments on, it's going to feel like someone kicked me.

Maternity clothes: Maternity pants since week 5, and maternity shirts since I "popped" around week 10.

Belly button: It's been on the verge of outie-dom since 9-10 weeks. It seems to be holding its own a little better this time around, so thank you physical therapy!

Sleep: Well, it was pretty decent (aka fitful, lots of vivid dreams, and lots of potty breaks, but otherwise sleeping through the night) until I tried to wean off of Unisom (the medication I was taking for nausea). Now I am awake from 2am-4 or 5am most nights. Super fun.

Food cravings: Still lots of aversions, and no consistent cravings.

Symptoms: Enjoying a bit of a sweet spot at the moment. I only get nauseated if I get too hungry, and my fatigue is okay as long as I'm not awake for the day at 2am (see above). Biggest symptom is swelling and pelvic pain this week.

Movement: Yes! Feeling something at least once a day. The best part by far.

Labor signs: Painful cramps 1-2 times a day, but they aren't signs of actual labor.... just annoying.

What I miss: Nothing, really. I'm not gonna lie... I ate some sushi last week (made sure to add lots of wasabi and ginger for antibacterial properties). It was so yummy!

What I'm loving: Noah gives the baby hugs and kisses and yesterday he tried to share a little book with it. He held the book up to my belly button and said, "where are the baby's hands?" He's so excited and so sweet.

What I'm looking forward to: Feeling the big kicks and rolls, and finding out if it's a boy or a girl!

Best moment this week: Gosh Noah has been so sweet this week. In general, but also in talking about and trying to share with the baby. He's figured out that baby brothers are little boys, and baby sisters are little girls. He has been giving my belly lots of hugs and kisses. Apparently baby can start to hear things this week, so I just love that it hears its big brother's voice all day every day!

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