Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day

Speaking of loving where you live... hello Midwestern snowstorm!

Last night around 5pm

Today around 4pm

As I type, the wind is whipping snow off the roof in torrents and every now and then the falling snow blows sideways. It's was a slow this morning, but we've had a steady accumulation all afternoon. It's just windy enough that some spots are more buried than others. Here's the view from our balcony as the day progresses. (Don't be thrown off by the snow in our planters. They're protected by a roof so they only get snow if the wind blows this way).






I'm glad I wasn't scheduled to work today; it'll be enough adventure getting to work tomorrow morning!Ross did get today off, though, so I had someone to go on an afternoon snow walk with. We said hello to our buried cars.

Then we headed to the walking loop nearby.

And still, the mail must go through (thanks Uncle Myril!)

Home again and ready for hot chocolate!

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