Saturday, March 5, 2011

Catch Up

I haven't had a day off in an entire week. Yikes! Longer post coming tomorrow, but here's what the last few days have involved:

-Asthma attack and steriods. Gross.

-Wondering how to make and keep real friends here?!

-Lots of prayer and thought (and, yes, stress) about what I want to do with my life this summer and beyond.

-Stressing over the hospital-wide insurance audit on dependents. Seriously?!

-Finding a new church to attend for the first time tomorrow. We'd been going to one, but had trouble getting involved- they had to turn down 100 people who wanted to be in small groups. Time to find a more organized and mature church!

-Loving some of the sweet babies and parents in the NICU right now, even though we're back to the chaos of 2 units.

-Encouraging a fellow hearing-impaired student through her last year of nursing school.

-Cheering for Ross as he ran a 5k in sub-20 degree temps this morning before I headed to work at 11am.

-Signing up for the Brew to Brew relay and the Warrior Dash this summer. Possibly influenced by the fact that I'm overcompensating since the doctor forbade me to run the 5k I registered for today. (Although, even in my stubbornness, I'm smart enough to know this is the worst my asthma has been in my entire life and I will do anything and everything to make it go away. Speaking of which, any ideas?! Steroids eat away at my bones and the lining of my stomach, make me have weird dreams, and give me heart palpitations. I would like to avoid them in the future.)

-Starting a budget this month so we can begin the long process of saving for a house.

-Planning 3 meals/week that both Ross and I will eat- hoping this leads to more responsible grocery shopping which is more budget-friendly.

WOW just typing it all out makes me feel overwhelmed again. Time to crawl into bed and dive into God's Word. I'm thinking my great Bible time last night led to the best hour of sleep I've had in a LONG time- until Ross came home at 11pm and woke me up. Here's hoping for a longer stretch tonight. Neither of us has to wake up to an alarm tomorrow- BLISS!

Thanks for letting me vent :o)

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  1. Evan and I are registered on as a gateway to budgeting and goals for saving up for things (Emergency fund, House and even a retirement account). I highly recommend it, it's been very helpful.

    Praying for healing on your amazing lungs. Get some rest.