Sunday, October 16, 2011

Corn Maze

*Insert appropriate 'maize' pun here*

Today we went to church, lunch, and the corn maze with some of our friends from small group. What a perfect day for being outdoors!

We started out with the green maze and the boys wanted to "race" the girls.

Of course we set out on a leisurely walk and the boys took a running start. Katy was a rockstar navigator, though, and we didn't get lost once! When we got to the exit, the boys were all lounging around looking like they'd been there for hours.

Then the group got brave and decided to tackle the three-mile red maze. Much trickier, but thanks to more stellar (mostly female) navigation, we made it through.

After that excursion, we took over the 'little sprouts' area and started racing each other through the smaller mazes. The boys were hilarious.

The girls thought it was more fun to take pictures.

Katy, me, Jenny
Chris, Jenny, Eric, me, Ross, Katy, Ryan
Even though everyone wasn't able to make it out today (Chris joined without his better half and Andrew and Janelle had a Cyclo-cross race to go to), we had so much fun. We love our small group!

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