Saturday, October 8, 2011

How to Make October Outstanding

How are we already more than a week in, people? October needs to stick around. I'm loving it!

This month I have 2 main priorities: 
finish my stats class and get outside as much as possible.

{End-of-month update: So close but so far away from finishing stats. I just took my second test last week 
and got a 98%! But I still have 5 assignments and one test to go. It has been a BUSY month.
I was also sad I haven't been outside much in the last week and a half, but for the first
3 weeks of the month, I definitely met this goal! I was out photographing fall,
soaking up the sun on 80-degree days, taking evening walks, and visiting farmer's markets
and corn mazes until our schedule got crazier. I'm proud of myself for enjoying it when I could. 
It's still gloriously sunny but very windy and not allergy-friendly out there right now. And thank you 
God for not letting it snow here yet.}

But I do have a few more goals in mind for the next few weeks:

1.) Master a new yoga pose. Hot yoga is my drug. It's expensive. It's addicting. But man, I crave that high! However, the half-moon pose and the standing head-to-knee pose get to me every time. I'm sure it's no coincidence that these poses work the areas I'd most like to improve: my abs and the back of my legs. Part of my problem is ankle stability and the other part is fear. But by the end of the month I am determined to make progress, especially in the latter pose.

{So yoga fell off the radar. When I got busier with school starting, the 90-minute yoga class was the first to go. I still think I went 4 times this month, and every time I go I'm so thankful I took the time to do so. I did not master any poses, but I am making an effort to push myself beyond my comfort level in the poses mentioned above.}

 2.) Run 3 miles at once. My running speed has improved drastically over the last month. After 2 months off and physical therapy for an injured IT band and a locked up sacro-iliac joint, I started running again in September and I have worked my way up to one very fast (for me) mile at a time. But I need to start working on endurance as well.

{Bahaha. The best made plans often go astray... Tendonitis in my left hip flexor and right IT band started getting worse again. My Physical Therapist and I are practically BFFs now and I'm hoping ultrasound therapy twice a week, stretching, and not. running. will help this winter. Gulp. Running has been my go-to fitness routine for the past 2 years and I hate that it's such a struggle right now. But I'm hoping that giving it up in the short run will enable me to run more in the long run (no pun intended). I have a 2 yoga classes left at my current studio, a Groupon for another studio, and a Groupon for Crossfit. Hopefully these will get the through until gym memberships go on sale.}

3.) Try a new hairstyle. I'm not getting a crazy haircut (must.not.get.bangs.again.) but one of my good friends from high school is getting married this month and I'd like to do something fun with my hair for the occasion.

{By far the worst part of my month. I was so excited my hair was getting long enough for all the side braids and messy side buns that are popular right now, but I went in for a trim to even out my layers and came out with 5-inches chopped off. Grrr. I didn't get bangs, but my hair still has a lot of growing to do and I'm back to the starting point for styling ideas.}

4.) Make a pumpkin pie from scratch. Oh yes, it's happening. I bought a Long Island Cheese pumpkin at my favorite farmer's market this Friday, and apparently as early as the 1800s this gourd has been purported to make the best pie out there.

I'd also love to plan a pumpkin-carving party, but my weekends are booked this month (mostly for work, sadly). Hopefully when we have a house with a patio this can be a big, messy, fun party to plan!

{Well, the pumpkin rotted. End of story.}

What are your plans for this gorgeous month?

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  1. I plan to carve pumpkins, eat roasted pumpkin seeds and have the best birthday yet (it's on the 30th :)!