Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oops... I did it again

Instead of being patient with the growing-out process, I chopped my hair off. I think this is the shortest Ross has ever seen it. I asked for a long bob a la Jennifer Aniston (yes, I even brought the picture in to my stylist).

I got lost 5 inches. Long bob my toots. This is short business.

Barely-goes-in-a-ponytail business.

I-want-to-curl-it-for-my-friend's-wedding-in-2-weeks-but-I'm-afraid-I'll-look-like-Shirley-Temple business.

This haircut plus the Himalayan mountain range erupting on my forehead is putting me in Therese-circa-1999 territory. And that's not pretty. Okay, I was actually stunning looking back now in my red-wine-induced haze of kindness. But it doesn't feel pretty right now.

And since I couldn't manage a makeover for myself, I gave the blog a makeover instead.

From this...

To this...



  1. I think I want to see a photo of this pretty new hairstyle!

  2. Agreed and your beautiful no matter what your hair looks like.

  3. I'm with the others! I want to see a picture, but I think you are going to look lovely in all cases!
    Also, love the blog! When I opened it I was like, "oooh" hehe. It's very pretty, and a nice change!