Saturday, October 1, 2011

Month in Review: September

I've been taking more pictures than ever lately and blogging less than I used to. This leaves me with a memory card full of pictures I'd still like to share of events that happened too long ago to dedicate a whole post to. Hence, the photo dump you're about to witness. September was a great month. It started off with 100-degree temps, dropped into the 50s for one drizzly week, and then mellowed out into the smooth, dry 70 to 80 degree temps I love.

High school football. Frosh cousin Jimmy is a starter and senior cousin John is a trainer.

Osage oranges to keep the spiders out.

Loving the green view on the balcony from our container garden.

September 19 leaves starting to change.

More leaves.

Turning leaves.

Blue skies and sunshine!

1/4 of my allergy testing this month. The nurse said there was only one pollen I'm NOT allergic to.


Fall decorations!

Anniversary flowers.

Baby butternut squash.

Ross was showing me how his new toy clamp thingie works.

Baby squash!

Can't wait for these to ripen.

Hubbard squash.

Loving our evening walks a few times a week.

What made your September sweet?


  1. Thanks! We're so proud we finally have a grown-up looking apartment haha!

  2. Great photos!! especially love the orange elephant & the beautiful anniversary flowers :)