Thursday, October 15, 2009

Here comes goodbye

I think I'm still in denial. Brittnye and Evan came over last night to help Ross move the heavy stuff out of our 3rd floor apartment (and I mean HEAVY... washer, dryer, and treadmill). When we said goodbye to them, I didn't even cry. Denial. Either that, or I'm not worried about losing them because our friendship can survive the distance. Sweet Avery, their daughter, fell in love with my Cabbage Patch doll and giggled all night long. I don't want to think about how big she'll be next time I see her!

My last day at work was uneventful, minus the large amount of food people brought. Yum! Our new manager is amazing and she let me schedule 2 days of PTO after my last day so that I didn't have to accept a 37% tax on my PTO payout. What a blessing!

Ross and I are babysitting one last time tonight for Julian and Joaquin. Yesterday their mom told Joaquin (age 4) that Ross and I were moving to another state and he asked, "then they come back?" When she said no, he pouted. But she told him that when Ross and I visit Fort Worth, we can stay with them and he said, "fun fun!" This is the same kid who said, "oh drat, we're doomed" when he couldn't find a fireman hat at the toystore last week!

Well it's 7am and Ross and I are both awake, so I guess that means it's time to put boxes in the U-Haul!

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