Saturday, December 4, 2010

First Friday

Ross has been taking a lighting class this semester and his final project was for a First Friday gallery showing downtown. He put a lot of work into this project, and it was neat for me to see him turn an idea into a finished product. But it was even more fun to see Ross enjoying people experience the product of his hard work.

In his own words: "My idea was to design a new window shade so that someone could ajust the amout of light that is coming into the space. I came up with this star-ish shape and arrayed it across the windows and then shifted the second row by half. At the top, middle and bottom of the shape there are plastic snaps that allow the user to bend the shape in a couple differnt ways to make it bigger or smaller."

Working in his office while watching documentaries :o)

Testing it out on our window

He put all those snaps in by hand!

He had to improvise, because broke the original tool on the first piece

Melting the snaps to attach them. Lovely.

Shade shadow

With adhesive, ready to go

All set up at the gallery

Looks awesome in the daylight

I'm proud of him for being the only student to incorporate color

During the showing

People loved it!

I was so happy to see his hard work pay off. Congratulations, Ross!


  1. That's a really cool project. So creative!!

  2. Thanks! I keep bugging him to maintain his own blog. He has a lot of great ideas!

  3. Evans geeking out in true Architect/Design student fashion.