Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Plaza Lights

The Plaza lights will always hold a special place in my heart. Seeing them makes me think of big family dinners at Hibachi (you know, one of those Japanese restaurants where they flip shrimp into your mouth) and slow, leisurely walks through FAO Schwartz, in awe of how many toys exist! Hearing the clop clop of horse hooves pulling carriages through the lit streets takes me back to my childhood.

I haven't been to Hibachi since we moved back to KC, FAO Schwartz is long gone (sad), and I've still never been on a carriage ride (those people always look so cold!) but I still love the lights. Ross and I walked around last week and enjoyed the sights and sounds of Christmas!

We HAD to follow this couple into Victoria's Secret and get a picture: Mr. and Mrs. Claus!

Plaza lights = Christmastime. Warm memories on the cold streets!

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  1. First trip to KC was to the plaza & Hibachi (never had it before) with so much snow!! Ironic? Have you guys tried the little diner in the galleria that has the trains that delivers your food to you. fun place.